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Male Bisexuals

Oh, wouldn't I love to have MEMBERS to discuss this article with.

Title: The Mainstream Bisexual-- Heteroromantic and homoplatonic

People continue to lump sexual, romantic, and even platonic feelings together under "sexual" orientation, when the reality is that each of the three is an independent variable. Most males, in particular, have no problem separating sex from romance. For example, when a straight male says, "I'm not gay. I just like male oral sex," what he means is that he is heteroromantic (straight in the romantic sense). In short, romantic orientation is what people usually mean by "sexual" orientation.

I believe that about 70% of the male population is biSEXUAL, heteroromantic, and homoplatonic (sharing homosocial bonds with guys, as straight males love to do). It is this innate biSEXuality in them that causes straight-identified males to fear anything gay. Furthermore, about 13.5% of the population is either exclusively or overwhelmingly homoromantic (gay in the romantic sense). (more...)
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