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The Male Orgasm

Title: Is she having all the fun?

Orgasms are just so unfair, says Jonathan Margolis. Compared with a woman’s physical fireworks, a man’s big moment is a bit of a damp squib

Considering the dedication with which we men pursue orgasms, it’s odd that we almost never try to describe them. Women, supposedly less orgasm-obsessed, give long, lyrical descriptions of their whole-body orgasmic experiences. Yet, for thousands of years, when even sensitive, articulate male writers have reached the sticky bits of their sex scenes, they weirdly change their point of view and start going on about the ecstatic vaginal fireworks show that they imagine exploding within their lover’s loins.

What is going on here? By far the most likely explanation for men’s reticence is that, frankly, the male orgasm is rubbish. Nature gave us the desire to ejaculate with tedious regularity, yet she also ensured that the experience, though addictive, would be a bit piffling (more...)

If I had members, I'd ask them to comment with their opinions about this article. Heh. :) All I'll say is that it was a fascinating read for me, and I'm curious to have some confirmation from another male as to the accuracy of it. :)
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