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Sexual Sacrifice

Sexual Sacrifice
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"Sex education is not enough. We need to learn how to love."

--Joseph & Lois Bird, The Freedom of Sexual Love

Hey there, this is a community started by me, adelviento for people suffering from Erotophobia or other confusion and anxiety about sexuality, including orientation, gender, sexual dysfunction, and lack of sexual drive. Here I would like to promote healthy views of sexuality because I think that sex has become a frightening concept: if you believe yourself to be an alternative gender or orientation, you are persecuted and thought to be ill; if you're a virgin, you're a prude or a tease; if you aren't, you're a slut; women are learning that sex is a tool used to get what they want, while men are being taught that sex is what makes a man; sex is viewed as a weapon, as lustful, as sinful, as dangerous, as everything but what it should be: beautiful and natural and loving. And because of all of this, there's a world filled with people confused about their sexuality and anxious about expressing it. I started this community when, searching for one to join, I couldn't find any like it. So here's the first, I think. Feel free to join, contribute to the community's knowledge-base, share your personal experiences relevent to the community, and even share icons related to the issue. :)

I was going to post this, but I decided it would be better off here in the community info. It's so, so cute. Check it out. :)


1. If you are posting any explicit images, PUT THEM BEHIND A CUT. If you don't, your post WILL be deleted, and you may be banned from the community.

2. Excessively long posts (longer than half a screen-length) should be put behind an lj-cut.

3. I reserve the right to delete any posts that I feel are needlessly graphic, in bad taste, or offensive.

4. All posts (including community promotions) MUST pertain to the issue at hand: erotophobia, sexual orientation and gender confusion (not certainty), sexual dysfunction, lack of sex drive, etc.

5. I will not tolerate flaming. If you do it, you're banned. It's that simple. Any complaints about any members should be brought to my attention, not dealt with personally. It would be helpful if you would also send me a screenshot of the incident, but it isn't necessary.

6. Please comment on and DISCUSS posts that are made! It's the whole point of this community in the first place. :)

7. More rules will be added as I see fit.

Erotophobia can be defined as a fear of sexual love or sexual questions, and anxiety about the erotic. This website is an excellent explanation of the true nature of erotophobia. I suggest that you read it.

People suffering from erotophobia will experience some or all of the following when presented with a particular sexual situation, to different degrees:

* abnormal or over-strong emotional reaction to a particular sight, sound, smell, or a deep sense of physical revulsion
* energy drying up at the thought
* dry mouth
* palpitations
* crippling sense of helplessness or being emotionally "paralysed"
* crying
* desire to run away

Promotion graphics. If posted in your userinfo, it would be much appreciated. :D


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